Alex Rider Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker is a very exciting book. The first part I like was when Alex beat Herod Sayle in a snooker tournament. Herod Sayle is the villain. I also like the part when he escapes from two villains with guns and a automobile crusher. After he escapes, he discovers that his uncle was murdered while trying to complete a secret mission for MI 6, a Great Britain secret intelligence agency.

MI 6 recruited Alex and Alex had to finish the mission his uncle started. Herod Sayle’s plan was to sell computers that had fatal viruses and kill a lot of people. Herod Sayle’s servants are Mr. Grin and Nadia Vole. Mr. Grin used to be part of a circus. His trick was to catch a knife with his teeth. He failed and cut his tongue. Will Alex Rider Survive? Read the Stormbreaker to find out.

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Alex Rider Stormbreaker

Author: Anthony Horowitz



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