Arachnid the Spider King

Arachnid the Spider King is a 5 stars book because it has lot’s of action and also cliff hangs you. One of the cliffhanging parts that make you want to read the book is that at the beginning, the book tells you that the good wizard Aduro has been captured by the evil wizard Malvel and Aduro is dropping into a boiling pot of tar. Also, the story leaves off in the first chapter when Arachnid attacks to people but one escapes. The book tells you that only by getting the golden armor can Tom rescue his friend Aduro from Malvel.

Also, the book gives a lot of details and action when Tom is fighting Arachnid. In the battle, Tom is losing to Arachnid, a servant of Malvel, so he calls Tartok the ice beast to help him. Tom’s friend, Elenna, frees a prisinor and escapes with Storm, Tom’s horse and Silver, her wolf, and the prisinor. But meanwhile, Arachnid is locked in battle with Tartok and Tom. Tom wins the battle by making a stalactite fall on him. Arachnid dies, and Tom gets part of the golden armor but the cave they were fighting in caves in. Tom survives, but Tartok is buried. Luckily, Aduro escapes from Malvel for a few minutes and saved Tartok bit suddenly, Aduro is captured by Malvel again and there is only one piece of armor left. Read the book to find out all the good parts!

Spider King


Author: Adam Blade


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