Beast Quest

Beast Quest book series

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Luna The Moon Wolf

Luna the Moon Wolf

What makes Luna the Moon Wolf from Beast Quest exciting is that is has a lot of cool and action parts. One of the two parts that are going to be listed in this book is the part when Tom and Elenna first meet Luna; Silver, Elenna’s wolf, starts growling at them and then starts attacking them. Although. Tom and Elenna get out of danger without hurting Silver, they are mystified why Silver attacked them suddenly. Tom only escapes Silver by trapping a net onto him. Tpm and Elenna would have been … [Read more...]

Koron Jaws

Koron Jaws of Death

I rate Koron Jaws of Death 4.5 stars because it has lot’s of action but is kind of short. Aduro, the good wizard has been corrupted by a curse from Purate King Sanpao and is now forced to do his bidding. One of the two action filled parts is when Sanpao’s pirates capture Ellena and Tom. The pirates play a game in which Tom and Ellena are tied to a rope and whoever hits them with a knife gets gold. They get an escape plan and after accomplishing it, escape on Tagus the night horse’s back. Also, … [Read more...]

Spider King

Arachnid the Spider King

Arachnid the Spider King is a 5 stars book because it has lot’s of action and also cliff hangs you. One of the cliffhanging parts that make you want to read the book is that at the beginning, the book tells you that the good wizard Aduro has been captured by the evil wizard Malvel and Aduro is dropping into a boiling pot of tar. Also, the story leaves off in the first chapter when Arachnid attacks to people but one escapes. The book tells you that only by getting the golden armor can Tom rescue … [Read more...]