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Prisoners Of The Pit

Bionicle Legends: Prisoners of the Pit

Bionicle Legends #7 Prisoners of the Pit is the seventh book of the  legends series. I think it is the best in the series so far and rate it 5 stars. I really liked how Makuta suddenly returned as Maxilos and wanted to be Matoro friend. I really liked Hahli in this story because she could mimic creatures of the sea with her mask of power. I liked the action but the book was kind of short. My favorite parts were when Hahli escaped one of the Barraki's  venom and when Matoro used his powers to … [Read more...]

Island Of Doom

Bionicle Legends: ISLAND OF DOOM

Bionicle Legends #1: ISLAND OF DOOM  is about the six Piraka and six Toa Nuva who are looking for the Kanohi Mask of life. I liked Garan in this book, because he was the leader of the lone resistance of the Matoran on their abandoned world. I liked the action and details a lot and give this book 5 stars. My favorite parts were when  two of the Matoran resistance stole a launcher from one of the Piraka when he wasn't looking and they weren't caught by the great Piraka being and also when the Toa … [Read more...]


Bionicle Legends: Inferno

  Bionicle Legends 5# Inferno is a very good book. I give it 4 stars and think it is best for ages 8-13. I really like the book because of its excitement and action. My favorite part was when the Toa Inika met the ghost of the deceased Toa Lhikan and then when they fail to heed his warning to not go  past to reach their destination, they meet the ghosts of all the enemies that were dangerous when they where still Matoran. I also liked the exciting part at the end of the book when the Toa … [Read more...]

City Of The Lost

Bionicle Legends: City of the Lost

City of the Lost is the 6th book in the Bionicle legends series. It is a little short, but makes up for it's suspense. Characters include the Matoran, the Barraki, Brutaka, Axxon, and the mask of life. Good parts include the part where the venom eels that attack the Matoran do not die, and then there is a huge 300 feet long venom eel, created to protect the Mask of Life. As two Matoran try to escape to air bubbles, many monsters attack them and they are forced to escape. But the most suspenseful … [Read more...]