Deltora Quest series

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City Of The Rats

City of the Rats

City of the Rats is the third book of the first series of the Deltora Quest series and the book where Leif Barda and Jasmine find the third gem, the Opal. I liked the part when Leif had to pick a card from the Cup to determine the fate of Jasmine. He knows both of them say death, so he picks one card, than pretends to stumble and tosses the car into the fire. Then, he tells them that by looking at the card inside the cup, they can figure out which one he got, so they think that he got LIFE, but … [Read more...]

Lake Of Tears

Lake of Tears

Lake of Tears is the second book to the first series of the Deltora Quest series. It is the book where they get the Ruby gem. It is a good book and has many good parts. My favorite parts include the part where they meet Jin and Jod, (Nij and Doj) and must escape. Howeve, Leif, Barda, and Jasmine do not know that they are monsters until Leif accidentally puts his hand to the Topaz and he suddenly sees the whole trick. They escape from Jin and Jod and they meet the Ralad man that they had saved … [Read more...]