The Kane Chronicles series

The Kane Chronicles book series

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Throne Of Fire

The Throne of Fire

The Throne of Fire, a great book with lots of suspense and humor! One of the best parts was when Bes, the Egyptian god of dwarves, in order to protect Sadie Kane and her mortal friends, stood on his cab in his underwear, and yelled,”BOO!” and disintegrated all the monsters. The second best part was when in the battle at Brooklyn, Felix summoned penguins to attack a rogue magician. But the best and most hilarious part was when Apophis the serpent of Chaos was about to kill Ra, the sun god when … [Read more...]

The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid, the first book of The Kane Chronicles, is wonderful because of its many suspenseful and funny scenes. One of the best parts is when the narrator told us that once in a quarrel, he and his sister had made a cake explode because they had gotten out of their limits and had gotten out of control. Also, another one of the funny parts was when Khufu, Amos’s pet baboon played basketball with the other baboons and then when Carter came in, he was terrible at it. However, probably the … [Read more...]