Bionicle Legends: City of the Lost

City of the Lost is the 6th book in the Bionicle legends series. It is a little short, but makes up for it’s suspense. Characters include the Matoran, the Barraki, Brutaka, Axxon, and the mask of life. Good parts include the part where the venom eels that attack the Matoran do not die, and then there is a huge 300 feet long venom eel, created to protect the Mask of Life. As two Matoran try to escape to air bubbles, many monsters attack them and they are forced to escape. But the most suspenseful part is when the Barraki get to the Mask of Light, but when they touch it, light explodes and all creatures close their eyes to prevent from losing eyesight forever, so they do not see how the light affected their world.



City of the Lost Book Cover City of the Lost
Greg Farshtey
Juvenile Fiction
Scholastic Paperbacks

The Toa discover a strange and mysterious habitat far below the surface where six merciless deep-sea monsters rule and the law is eat or be eaten.


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