Animorphs: Elfangor’s Secret


Elfangor’s Secret is the third book of the Megamorphs Animorphs series. It is a pretty good book and I give it 4.5 stars. I recommend it for 8+. I really liked Jake in the book, even though he died and missed part of the book and suddenly revives. I liked him because he was the leader. I also really liked it because the rest of the Animorphs counld’t die. My favorite part was when every thing went back to normal. I also liked it when the Animorphs inadvertently made the guy who started the whole time messup by Accidently making him not exist. A must read for people who like adventure and action and fiction! I loved this book!


Test your reading:

Who ends up not existing?
Who is the Villain?
Is Hitler still a German general?
Did Jake die with Washington?
Did Hitler die?



John Berryman
Visser Four

Elfangor's Secret Book Cover Elfangor's Secret
Animorphs, Megamorphs #3
K. A. Applegate
Juvenile Fiction
Scholastic Inc

The Animorphs are given the power to pursue eighteen-year-old Henry--a human Controller who has discovered Elfangor's Time Matrix--through time, but one Animorph must pay for this power with his life. Original.


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