The Inheritance Cycle series is an excellent series by Christopher Paolini. Eragon is the first book in this series and I think that it is a great first book. This series is about the magical world of Alagaesia, its evil, Galbatorix, who was once a Dragon Rider, Eragon, Alagaesia’s only Dragon Rider trying to save it from the forces of evil, the Varden, a rebel group of people who want to overthrow Galbatorix, the Elves, and the Dwarves.

In this book, Eragon finds a stone that is actually a dragon egg, it hatches, he becomes a Rider and one who can use magic, he goes to the Varden, and I won’t tell you the rest =).

My favorite character in this book was Orik the Dwarf, because even though he was short and small, he could do many things and was very strong. I also liked him because he was the only person at the gate who decided to save Eragon, so that proved that he was a very kind person. My favorite parts in this whole book were when Eragon first used magic, defeated Durza, and when he escaped the clutches of Durza when captured. This was when he faced the savage Urgals, who serve Galbatorix, and was under attack. He yelled the word “Brisingr”, and shot a flaming arrow that killed them all. I really liked this part because it was really exciting and it felt like a very important part to me because it was the beginning of Eragon learning how to cast magic.

My second favorite part was when Eragon fought his first battle against Durza the Shade. Eragon almost lost, but Murtagh, his friend save him and shot Durza between the eyes. They rescued an elf, named Arya, and escaped on Saphira, Eragon’s dragon. I really liked this part because it was a very important part of the book, Eragon escapes being Durza’s prisoner and rescues a very powerful elf, and because I thought it was a very exciting part.

My most favorite part was when Eragon defeated Durza at the end of the book. The Urgals were attacking the Varden from below the tunnels of Farthen Dur, the home of the kingdom of dwarves. The Urgals were lead by Durza, who was a Shade. A shade was a powerful being who was controlled by spirits or using spirits in his or her body. The battle between Durza and Eragon reached to the underside of the Star Sapphire, and Durza was winning. In an attempt to help Eragon, Arya, an Elf, creates a distraction for Eragon to win the battle. I liked this part because it was the most exciting part in the whole book. If you want to know what she did and how it happened, you will have to read this book. I would recommend this book to readers that like magic, dragons, and magical races. I rate this excellent book 5 out of 5 stars!


1 What is the name of Eragon’s mother?

2 Who is the person who takes care of Eragon through his life?

3 Who is Eragon’s brother?

4 Who is the person Roran wants to marry?

5 What is the name of the king of Dwarves and the person who adopted Orik?


1 Selena

2 Garrow

3 Roran

4 Katrina

5 King Hrothgar

Eragon Book Cover Eragon
The Inheritance Cycle
Christopher Paolini
Knopf Books for Young Readers
April 26, 2005


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