The Indian In The Cupboard

The Indian in the Cupboard is the first book in The Indian on the Cupboard series by Lynne Reid Banks. It is a great book with lots of funny and suspenseful parts. My favorite two parts were when the shop owner of Yapps accused Omri, one of the main characters, of stealing two plastic small figures from the shop. When Omri took his hands out, he held out both his hands in fists and in the hand the figures that Omri bought but was accused of stealing were in, he pretended to cough and said,”Lie still! Don’t move! Plastic!” Patrick, another main character vouched for him and they left with what Omri had originally bought.

Also, I liked it when Boone and Little Bear, the small plastic main characters in the book , became blood brothers (joined their blood), even though they were Indians and cowboys, who were originally enemies.  My favorite sentence from the book was “The life giving details were blurred-plastic can’t show fine beadwork, the perfection of hair and muscle, the folds of hide, the sheen of a horse’s coat or the beauty of a girls skin. The figures were there, but the people, the personalities, were gone.” This book is full of humor and suspense and the plastic toys came to life! A great book for children and people who like adventure stories. Hope you will also enjoy the book as I did.

Indian In The Cupboard

Did you know:

  • First publication year: 1980
  • This book was written by a British author, Lynne Reid Banks
  • This story was adapted into a movie “The Indian in the Cupboard” in 1995



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