Bionicle Legends: Inferno


Bionicle Legends 5# Inferno is a very good book. I give it 4 stars and think it is best for ages 8-13. I really like the book because of its excitement and action. My favorite part was when the Toa Inika met the ghost of the deceased Toa Lhikan and then when they fail to heed his warning to not go  past to reach their destination, they meet the ghosts of all the enemies that were dangerous when they where still Matoran. I also liked the exciting part at the end of the book when the Toa Inika have to jump into the portal that Axxon made and then the book ENDS!

My favorite Character was toa Jaller because he was the leader of the Toa, the good team and never gave up. So much suspense and action! A great book!



  1. Does Kongu ‘kill’ Makuta from the past?
  2. What is the giant spider called?
  3. Is Brutakka defeated by Axxon?
  4. Did the Toa Nuva die?
  5. Did Vezok become one again?



  1. Yes
  2. Fenrakk
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. No
Inferno Book Cover Inferno
Bionicle Legends
Greg Farshtey
Juvenile Fiction
Scholastic Paperbacks

The Toa Inika and the Piraka battle to reach the Mask of Life in the heart of a volcano.


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