Bionicle Legends: ISLAND OF DOOM

Bionicle Legends #1: ISLAND OF DOOM  is about the six Piraka and six Toa Nuva who are looking for the Kanohi Mask of life. I liked Garan in this book, because he was the leader of the lone resistance of the Matoran on their abandoned world. I liked the action and details a lot and give this book 5 stars. My favorite parts were when  two of the Matoran resistance stole a launcher from one of the Piraka when he wasn’t looking and they weren’t caught by the great Piraka being and also when the Toa Nuva defeated Reidak with team work. A great book and I recommend it for age 9+.


Are the Toa defeated?
Does Jaller try to leave Metru Nui in secret?
Who told Jaller about how Mata Nui was dying?
Is one of Lewa’s air katanas broken?
Do Hakaan and Avak defeat the lava giant?

Turaga Nokama
Yes, though they created the lava giant in order to fool the Matoran

Island of Doom Book Cover Island of Doom
Greg Farshtey
Juvenile Fiction
Scholastic Paperbacks

When six powerful figures appear on the Island of Metru Nui, the villagers welcome them until the newcomers unleash their dangerous plan for the island and the people who live there.


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