Koron Jaws of Death

I rate Koron Jaws of Death 4.5 stars because it has lot’s of action but is kind of short. Aduro, the good wizard has been corrupted by a curse from Purate King Sanpao and is now forced to do his bidding. One of the two action filled parts is when Sanpao’s pirates capture Ellena and Tom. The pirates play a game in which Tom and Ellena are tied to a rope and whoever hits them with a knife gets gold. They get an escape plan and after accomplishing it, escape on Tagus the night horse’s back.

Also, the part when Sanpao catches up to Themis also very exciting. He introduces them to Koron, a beast with poisonous jaws and a scorpion tail. After fighting with Koron, Tom has but one idea left, make Koron sting itself. After a close call, Tom’s plan works. The tree of Being that both sides are seeking disappears, but Sanpao doesn’t get to it so Tom and Elenna consider the battle a victory. Those are the two action filled parts that make Koron Jaws of Death such a good book.

Koron Jaws of Death

Author: Adam Blade
Website: www.seaquestbooks.co.uk


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