Secret of the Sirens

Secret of the Sirens is about Connie, a girl, who is a universal animal talking companion. Her friend, Col, is a companion (talker) to Pegasi, winged horses. It has a great plot and a perfect setting with oceans, valleys and mountains. I really enjoyed it because it was about talking with creatures, not just animals, like dragons, sirens and weather giants.

One exciting scene was when Connie defeats Kullervo, the only other universal communicator in the world, who is also the greatest enemy to the Society, a group of creature savers – animal communicators. Connie defeats him with a sword and a shield that she created with her mind! Kullervo is a evil winged creature.

I really liked Col (Colin Clamworthy) because he was the coolest kid in the school and a companion with Pegasi. He saved Connie from drowning after she defeated Kullervo. This book I recommend to those who like mythical creatures, adventure, myths, and excitement with suspense. It was cool how the animals communicate with the Companions and are respected. A great book that I REALLY recommend!

My favorite quotes from Secret of the Sirens:

“That man was always a cold fish,” said Horace.”Not a drop of warm blood in his body– he’s got cold ink in his veins. We were mighty unlucky to get him for an assessment.”
” The man ‘as ink, no blood?” Asked Signor Antonelli, confused
”In a manner of speaking,Luciano,” explained the white haired man.

Secret Of The Sirens

Author: Julia Golding (


  1. What type of shield did Connie use to defeat Kullervo?
  2. Which creature is Mr. Brock connected to?
  3. What is the oldest and wisest dragons name?
  4. Who is Storm-Birds companion?
  5. What is the rock dwarfs name?




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