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Alex Rider Scorpia

Alex Rider: Scorpia, is the fifth book in the Alex Rider series. Alex Rider is a teenage spy (14) that has worked for MI6 many times. The main plot starts with Alex in Venice, trying to find out the location of Scorpia, as someone had told him that they had information about his father. He finds out some information about it and a lady named Rothman. While investigating, he enters a strange room of Rothman's, with a tiger inside. He gets caught inside and fights a strange guard, a person … [Read more...]

Alex Rider Scorpia Rising

Alex Rider Scorpia Rising

An exciting book with many twists and turns, and a lot of suspense. Alex is a fifteen year old spy for MI6, a British Secret Intelligence Group. Since all the other agents for MI6 are adults, Alex id the perfect teenage spy. Alex’s uncle, Ian Rider, had died on a mission for MI6. Alex’s caretaker, Jack Starbright, is Alex’s “legal” guardian. The beginning of the book starts with Alex going to school, but is being hunted by a gunman. Alex survives not getting hit by bullets, but his friend Tom … [Read more...]


Alex Rider Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker is a very exciting book. The first part I like was when Alex beat Herod Sayle in a snooker tournament. Herod Sayle is the villain. I also like the part when he escapes from two villains with guns and a automobile crusher. After he escapes, he discovers that his uncle was murdered while trying to complete a secret mission for MI 6, a Great Britain secret intelligence agency. MI 6 recruited Alex and Alex had to finish the mission his uncle started. Herod Sayle’s plan was to sell … [Read more...]

Skeleton Key

Alex Rider Skeleton Key

I like Alex Rider: Skeleton Key because it is very exciting. My favorite part was when Alex defeated a bad guy and put him in a freezer. The next part I like was when the CIA wanted Alex Rider to help with their secret mission to investigate Cuba. Alex then got a Nintendo DS to play on the trip. Later, Alex discovered that the DS was a geiger counter and realized the CIA’s actual mission. The CIA did not want to survilian Cuba. They were looking for a nuclear weapon! I also like it when Alex … [Read more...]