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Mystery Of The Cupboard

The Mystery of the Cupboard

The Mystery of the Cupboard is the fourth book of the Indian in the Cupboard Series. I think that this is one of the best books in the series, though that the second book (The Return of the Indian) is the best in the series. The main characters in this book were Omri and Patrick. The main idea of this book is that there is a magic key and cupboard (shelf) that can turn plastic things or toys into real life. The cupboard does this. The key's powers is that it can open any lock and that it has … [Read more...]

Indian In The Cupboard

The Indian In The Cupboard

The Indian in the Cupboard is the first book in The Indian on the Cupboard series by Lynne Reid Banks. It is a great book with lots of funny and suspenseful parts. My favorite two parts were when the shop owner of Yapps accused Omri, one of the main characters, of stealing two plastic small figures from the shop. When Omri took his hands out, he held out both his hands in fists and in the hand the figures that Omri bought but was accused of stealing were in, he pretended to cough and said,"Lie … [Read more...]