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Elfangors Secret

Animorphs: Elfangor’s Secret

  Elfangor's Secret is the third book of the Megamorphs Animorphs series. It is a pretty good book and I give it 4.5 stars. I recommend it for 8+. I really liked Jake in the book, even though he died and missed part of the book and suddenly revives. I liked him because he was the leader. I also really liked it because the rest of the Animorphs counld't die. My favorite part was when every thing went back to normal. I also liked it when the Animorphs inadvertently made the guy who started … [Read more...]

The Exposed

Animorphs: The Exposed

The Exposed is a great read and I would rate it at 5 stars out of 5 because it has a  bunch of suspense and almost the whole book is suspenseful, if not funny. My favorite part is when the Animorphs go down the ocean and find the Pemalite ship, but right then, the Yerrks (bad guys) find the ship also and attack the Animorphs. Bit then, a creature called the Drode comes to the battle on the  ship. Then, just when all hope looks lost, Erek the android comes and stops time. Only he and the Drode … [Read more...]

The Beginning

Animorphs: The Beginning

This book is a good read because it has a LOT of suspense. One of the suspenseful parts was when Jake told that they would not give Visser Three to them and that the Yeerks would be free. There is a big argument but Jake wins the argument. Then, the Andalites had a one day meeting with all the other Andalites and then returned and said that they would give in. Also, one of the other good parts is when one of the good Andalites tells Jake that Ax, his friend, has been captured, so they quickly … [Read more...]

The Invasion

Animorphs: The Invasion

Animorphs: The Invasion is the first book of the Animorphs, a great series. The Invasion is a great book because of its suspense and cliff endings. At the beginning of the book, five people: Tobias, Rachel Cassie, Marco, and Jake cut through construction site and see a “UFO” driven by Andalite, an alien: Elfangor. He gives the five kids the power to morph or change into other animals in hopes that they will use these powers to fight a hostile alien species, the Yeerks. The Yeerks are simply … [Read more...]