The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Agent Auggie Spinoza

The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Agent Auggie Spinoza is a very good book by Steven Stickler. I would recommend this book for readers of age 8 and older. I read this book when I was 9 years old, and I really liked it. I would also recommend this book for all readers who like time travel, historical fiction, code-breaking, and suspense.

This book is mainly about two main groups of time travelers, called the Time Watchers (the good guys), and the time vultures (the bad guys). The time watchers try to keep history on track and learn about history, while the time vultures try to mess up time and history to their benefits. My favorite part of this book was when Auggie escaped Mr. Coyote in the time of Charles Darwin. First, when he was on his fast bike by putting a branch through the tires, and flipping him over TWO times in a row! It was a very good trick. Then, he got trapped inside this ware house, and was forced to fight for his life. He sneaked away safely, but the next day he was found and grabbed by the shoe. This is the funny part, Auggie uses a trick he learned a LONG time ago, a trick to slip your foot through your shoes without untying the shoelaces. Using this trick he escapes and save history by keeping the history on track.

My favorite character was (naturally) Auggie. I liked him because of the good character traits that he had, like friendliness, optimistic, and many other talents. I would give this book 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. This is a great book!


1 What is Auggie’s friend in his time travel adventure?
2 What is the name of the person who first found the first time hole?
3 What is the name of Charles Darwin’s son?
4 Do Auggie’s parents disappear from his life?
5 Do they come back after Auggie and Emily close the first time hole?


1 Emily
2 Plato
3 Francis Darwin
4 Yes
5 Yes

The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Agent Auggie Spinoza Book Cover The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Agent Auggie Spinoza
Steven Stickler
Juvenile Fiction
Createspace Independent Pub

Warning: if you enjoy romantic tales about princesses dressed in pink, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK! Auggie Spinoza is a ten-year-old boy with a secret: he is a special agent who can travel through time. Now, he finds himself locked in a desperate battle against evil forces trying to change the course of history. To defeat them, Auggie must pursue a dangerous quest to find a set of mysterious clues hidden in the past. With the help of a clever new friend and advice from a cast of famous characters with names like Jefferson, Darwin, and Plato, Auggie fights to fulfill his destiny and save his world from ruin. Along the way, he learns the importance of thinking clearly and shows the awesome power of a code-breaking, book-loving, time-traveling ten-year-old with a talent for being in the right place at the right time.


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