Animorphs: The Beginning

This book is a good read because it has a LOT of suspense. One of the suspenseful parts was when Jake told that they would not give Visser Three to them and that the Yeerks would be free. There is a big argument but Jake wins the argument. Then, the Andalites had a one day meeting with all the other Andalites and then returned and said that they would give in.

Also, one of the other good parts is when one of the good Andalites tells Jake that Ax, his friend, has been captured, so they quickly create a rescue mission. The mission leads to the final part of the story and the best part. Jake realizes tha the captors of Ax are very advanced, but he tells the captain of the spaceship to full power the engines ahead and clash head on with the opponents. Then, the book ends without giving you any idea of what happens next! That is why The Beginning is a VERY suspenseful book. It is also the last book in the Animorph series. The best quote in the book was from Marco,” She would love it. A scary, deadly, cool-looking Yeerks ship on a doomed, suicidal, crazy mission that no one could ever, know, about? She would love it.”


The Beginning Book Cover The Beginning
Katherine Applegate
Juvenile Fiction
Scholastic Inc

A story about the invasion of parasitic aliens.


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