The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

The book The Emperor Of Nihon-Ja is the tenth book in the Ranger’s Apprentice series. It is a very interesting book and I would recommend this excellent book to readers who like medieval times and heroic quests. I think that this book is suitable for readers who are 11 years old and up, because it has a lot of pages.

Like most books, this book has more than one main character. The main characters in this book are the Emperor, whos name is Shigeru, Horace, Will, Halt, Evanlyn/Princess Cassandra, Alyss, Selethen, Arisaka, and Gundar with his crew of Skandians. Shigeru is the Emperor of Nihon-Ja and was overthrown by a traitor named Arisaka. Horace is a master of the sword who was on a diplomatic mission to create a treaty including Araluen and Nihon-Ja. He escapes with the emperor and his loyal escorts. Will was the former apprentice to Halt the Ranger and goes to find Horace along with the others traveling with him. Halt is the legendary ranger who is the private adviser to the king of Araluen, King Duncan and the former teacher of Will.

Evanlyn, or Princess Cassandra is the daughter of King Duncan and the Princess of Araluen. She goes with Will, Halt, Selethen, Gundar, Alyss, and Selethen to find her friend, Horace. Alyss is Will’s childhood friend and a messenger for the kingdom of Araluen. She is a very skilled diplomat and is a student of Lady Pauline, Halt’s wife. Selethen is a ruler of Arridi, and is a very good leader there. In this book, he accompanies the group that goes to rescue and support Horace and the Emperor. Arisaka is the Nihon-Jan traitor who wants to force Shigeru of the throne so that he and his fellow Senshi (Nihon-Jan people who are masters of the blade and consider themselves more important than regular citizens of Nihon-Ja) can remain the top class citizens (since Shigeru is trying to let the citizens have a larger voice in Nihon-Ja) and plus have the throne to himself. Gundar and his crew are the Skandians that ferry the group that go to save Horace across the oceans and rivers they have to cross. He helps the group get over many obstacles on their journey.

My favorite part in this book was when Halt devised a trap for the enemy Senshi started to attack the new castle that the Emperor’s friends found and rebuilt. They attacked a seemingly false wall, that had an extra wall at the back so that it was a dead end. . They all broke in, and then many rocks and boulders were dropped to trap the enemy inside, so that they were stuck and trapped with walls all around them. Then, they destroyed most of the enemy army with spears and other weapons dropped on the trapped Senshi. This book takes place mostly in Nihon-Ja, a country close to Araluen. I think that this was a very good book, so I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars!


1 Who does Evanlyn ( Cassandra the Crown Princess of Araluen) agree to marry to?

2 Who kills the traitor Arisaka?

3 What are the name of the people of Nihon-Ja that help the Emperor find the castle he uses to defend himself?

4 At the last battle, what is the name of the general, leader, and lord that comes to help the Emperor with reinforcements?

5 What is the name of the person who found the secret entrance and exit at the rebuilt defending castle of the Emperor?


1 Horace

2 Will, the Ranger

3 The Kikori

4 Lord Nimatsu

5 Mikeru

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja Book Cover The Emperor of Nihon-Ja
The Ranger's Apprentice
John Flanagan
Juvenile Fiction

In a faraway land, a young warrior must protect an emperor from an uprising and train an inexperienced army, with assistance from his Ranger friends.


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