Animorphs: The Exposed

The Exposed is a great read and I would rate it at 5 stars out of 5 because it has a  bunch of suspense and almost the whole book is suspenseful, if not funny. My favorite part is when the Animorphs go down the ocean and find the Pemalite ship, but right then, the Yerrks (bad guys) find the ship also and attack the Animorphs. Bit then, a creature called the Drode comes to the battle on the  ship. Then, just when all hope looks lost, Erek the android comes and stops time. Only he and the Drode can still move. The Animorphs escape, but so does Visser Three and the Yeerks.  Everything goes back to normal. The Animorphs go back to their houses but will still fight the Yeerks with their power to change into any creature.

My favorite quote was from Marco,”You know, if my father finds out I’ve been hanging around criminals, I’ll be grounded for a year.”

The Exposed

Author: K.A. Applegate



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