The Sea of Trolls

This book has a lot of magic and actions. One of the cool parts is when Jack and Thorgil walk across the bridge of ice and then Jack’s fire staff burns the bridge. Then, Golden Bristles, the troll-boar slides on the melting ice and Thorgil is forced to dig Jack out of the face because they landed in the ice. Then, Jack sees a monster and faints. The chapter ends with Jack fainting since he had just seen his first troll.

Another one of the good parts is when Olaf One-Brow and Thorgil get berserk and attack the troll-bear. The bear dies but Olaf also dies because of his too many wounds. Then, the dragon comes and bellows fire on to Olaf’s body. Jack says that the dragon is harmful, but Thorgil, being a berserker, says that the dragon is honoring Olaf’s death. Finally, the best part in this book is when Jack and Thorgil come from the trolls castle to go back to their home and encounter the spider. Thorgil and Jack are taken by the spider. Jack finds out that it has no hearing and is also blind, but it’s senses are very good, o he plays a lullaby to it using a web for the instrument and then the owls take them back to their ship. These are three parts that make The Sea of Trolls a good book.

The Sea Of Trolls



  1. Nicely written, keep it up!

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