The Violet Keystone

The Violet Keystone is the sixth and last book in The Seventh Tower series. It is also one of the best in this series.  Main characters include Tal, Rerem, Graile, Milla, Ebbit, Sushin, Sharrakor the spirit Dragon, and Crow.

My favorite parts include the part how Crow had defeated Sharrakor with cave roach poison, which was fatal to the dragon. Also, I liked the part where Tal said ” I wish Ebbitt –” and then Ebbitt suddenly appears. Also, the part where Tal is jail but does something never done before, and he controlled Fashnek’s sunstones and escaped jail. Finally, I liked the great battle at the beginning of the book and how Milla used the violet sunstone to kill many spirit shadows, but how she could not stop it. These are the reasons why I like The Violet Keystone, and read it to find out all the good parts!

The Violet Keystone

Author: Garth Nix (



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