Young Zorro: The Iron Brand

Young Zorro: The Iron Brand is a very interesting book. This book is about Old California and the story of a hero of old times that saved many, many people. This hero was called Zorro. This book is the story of Young Zorro and the injustice that his world faced, even though he was still a child. This book’s plot is Diego, which was the name of young Zorro, and his brother Bernardo trying to solve a mystery of many stolen good people and cattle.

I think that this book is a good read for readers 10 years and older. I recommend this book for readers that like historical fiction, legends, and old California. I liked this book because it was very interesting and gave a lot of details and descriptions. I thought that this book presented the plot in a good way and that it had a good ending. My favorite character was Diego, because he had a lot of tricks and could fool a lot of people. I also liked him because he was very nice and had a lot of kindness and a good sense of justice inside him. My favorite part in this book was the part when Diego, Bernardo, The Don, Scar, and the other sailors and people in the pueblo fought the slaver and black birders for the freedom of their people. I really liked this part because it was the most exciting part I the book and also because it was the part when all of Diego’s and Bernardo’s work to exploit the villains paid of and they saved all the captured people.

I would rate this very good book 4.5 out of 5 stars. A great Book!


1 Which family are the villains?

2 Who is the man who hunt’s down SeƱor Porcana’s killers

3 Who trips Diego at the dance ball?

4 Who is Diego’s Brother?

5 Who is the ”father” of Diego?


1 The Moncada’s
2 El Chollo, the Bandit
3 Rafael Moncada
4 Bernardo
5 The Don of the Peublo

Young Zorro: The Iron Brand Book Cover Young Zorro: The Iron Brand
Diego Vega, Jan Adkins
Juvenile Fiction
Harper Collins

When men start disappearing from the pueblo of Los Angeles and cattle are missing from his father's rancho, young Diego de la Vega and his best friend, Bernardo, encounter an injustice so wicked that they must take action.


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